Do you accept all students?

Yes. We are a public school that welcomes all students.  We are committed to providing every child with an education that prepares them to excel in college and become a strong community leader.

What grades will you start with? 

We will open with Kindergarten and First grade in August 2018.  We will add one grade each year until we are a full K-8 school.


Does it cost anything for my child to attend? 

No. We are a tuition-free, public school. 


Do you offer Special Education and services for English Language Learners? 

Yes. We are committed to providing all Persistence Prep students with the necessary supports to meet our high expectations. 


What is required for the application process? 

As an open enrollment charter school, interested families must fill out a basic application in order to be included in our April lottery.  This application does not guarantee your child a seat at Persistence Prep. Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2018. 

Do you provide transportation?

Yes. Persistence Prep will offer free transportation to all City of Buffalo residents. 


How big are the class sizes?  

We will have 54 students in each grade, with 27 students in each class. All K-2 classes will have two full-time teachers in each classroom. 


Do you offer after-school care?  

Our regular school day on Monday through Thursday runs until 4:45 PM. On Fridays we dismiss at 1:50 PM for teacher professional development, but will offer extracurricular activities for students until 4:45 PM when buses arrive for departure.  We are committed to working with community partners to coordinate after-school programs for any interested families. 


Where will you be located? 

We are located at 833 Michigan Avenue on the 3rd floor of the Family Life Center.