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2024-2025 enrollment lottery


Persistence Prep will be running the student lottery on Tuesday, April 9th 2024 at 11am.  The lottery can be viewed via Facebook Live on our school's Facebook page. Our Head of School will host the lottery & be accompanied by an outside party to run the randomly selected applicants. Note that no names and personal information will be shared to maintain the privacy of applicants. Families who are accepted will receive a text & email notification through the Enroll Buffalo Charters platform.

After the lottery is run, you may log in to to accept/decline your offer or view your place on the waitlist.  Please note waitlisted numbers will continue to shift as offers are made.


Persistence Prep runs their lottery process through the SchoolMint platform using an automated randomized process that assigns a spot or waitlist position number to the name of each person who has applied during the open enrollment period. 

The open enrollment application window is December 1st through midnight April 9th, each year, for the upcoming academic year. Applications received post April 1st are automatically placed at the end of the waitlist. Lottery results are available immediately and visible to applicants by logging in to their SchoolMint account at 

If you are unable to navigate the SchoolMint platform please contact the main office at 716-235-1520, and a Persistence prep staff member will be able to assist with submitting an application. 


Application preferences for Persistence Prep are as followed: 

  • Returning Students. Returning scholars of PPA are given primary preference. Once enrolled, the scholar's seat is secured and will not need to be reentered into a lottery. The re-enrollment process is completed mid-school year for the following academic year.

  • Siblings. Siblings of current PPA scholars are given second preference. This preference only applies to children once a sibling has been accepted and their registration is completed. 

  • City of Buffalo Residents. Students who apply to the lottery as residents of the City of Buffalo are given preference. Two proofs of residence are required at the time of registration, and they must reside in Buffalo district for the academic year. 

  • All Other Eligible Students. All other eligible applications follow consideration for both available seats and the waiting list.

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